Mattei Refrigerated Air Dryers

Mattei refrigeration dryers are a versatile solution, suitable for most applications. Energy efficient and with minimum pressure drops, they use an environmentally sustainable refrigerant that keeps dew points stable, ensuring superior performance.

The use of Matteiā€™s dryers removes the condensate from the air, preventing any damage to the compressed air distribution system. The presence of water in a system can cause leaks in pipes and increase the risk of damage to machinery and pneumatic devices. Also some applications require dry air in order to ensure a better quality of the final products.
MFD Series
Refrigerated Dryers
10 to 250 SCFM
MDS Series
Refrigerated Dryers
20 to 2000 SCFM
MTP Series
Refrigerated Dryers
10 to 1000 SCFM
MCD Series
Refrigerated Dryers
325 to 3000 SCFM