Compressor Management Controllers

Mattei master controllers are specifically designed to control and operate compressed air production systems, thus optimising system performance while reducing power consumption. Since 80% of the cost of a compressor across its lifecycle is due to energy consumption, a system with the most efficient operational set-up for the compressed air unit is a priceless ally to a company’s income statement.

Mattei offers two different master controllers (Concerto and Quartetto), equipped with latest generation software programs and able to manage multiple compressors, including those from different manufacturers, at the same time. The use of a master controller is recommended to optimise the operation of a compressor room and reduce undesired machine downtime to a minimum.
Mattei Concerto ConcertoConcerto is the latest-generation master controller able to manage up to 16 compressors at the same time, allowing energy savings that can exceed 35%.
Mattei Quartetto QuartettoQuartetto is a master controller that optimises the management of a system by running up to 4 compressors at the same time.