Mattei Compressors

Mattei Air Compressors and Compressed Air Dryers is your complete source for Mattei Air Compressors & Air Dryers for various compressed air applications. Mattei produces a complete line of rotorary vane air compressors, desiccant air dryers and refrigerated air dryers for compressed air systems.

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Mattei Air Compressors

AC Series
34 to 292 SCFM
Blade Series
15 to 65 SCFM
Blade i Series
27 to 127 SCFM
Blade Series
86 to 126 SCFM
Maxima Series
222 to 1,201 SCFM
Mattei Optima Series Optima Series
68 to 1,254 SCFM
ERC Series
5 to 315 SCFM

Mattei Refrigerated Air Dryers

MFD Series
Refrigerated Dryers
10 to 250 SCFM
MDS Series
Refrigerated Dryers
20 to 2000 SCFM
MTP Series
Refrigerated Dryers
10 to 1000 SCFM
MCD Series
Refrigerated Dryers
325 to 3000 SCFM

Mattei Desiccant Air Dryers

MPD Series
Desiccant Dryers
107 to 3000 SCFM
MHD Series
Desiccant Dryers
100 to 3000 SCFM
MBD Series
Desiccant Dryers
100 to 3000 SCFM

Mattei Compressor Management Controllers

Mattei Energy Recovery

Energy Recovery Box Energy Recovery Box (ERB)
9.1-123.9 Thermal kW